As shown n the picture, Ilizarov Surgery involves insertion of very fine wires in the bone which is then connected to a ring system the rings are connected together with rods, this gives the structure of a frame. By this procedure patient can do his day to day activity As the rods are attached to the ring, the rods help in increasing length of the bone, and also help in bringing the bones near each other. Once the bone has healed the frame is removed

ADVANTAGES: No need of long incisions Patient can perform his activites of daily living Very good option for infected fractures,and where the other surgery has failed. Age of the patient is no restraint for this procedure. INDICATIONS Where the other procedure has failed. severely damaged bones deformed bones where there has been a loss of bone part infections.

Has been associated with this procedure since 1992,when had done his thesis on Ilizarov ring fixators for Master's in Surgery. After this had been doing Ilizarov Surgery since 1995 in private practice and has done more than 200 surgeries, He has done cases in all major hospitals of the city and around the city. He was invited to deliver lecture on ilizarov surgery for correction deformity at Gwalior and Dhar.

Dr. Jayant's contribution in Ilizarov Surgery.